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Accounting & Company Secretary

Our Professional Services


To provide book-keeping and accountancy services


To arrange auditor (Practising Certified Public Accountants) to perform auditing and other assurance services


To provide winding-up (liquidation) and deregistration services


To provide tax consultancy, tax representative and tax planning services


To provide management, investment, merger and acquisition, group re-structuring, shares and business appraisal services

Incorporation – HK 

To incorporate Hong Kong Company

Company Secretary

To provide company secretary services, prepare statutory documents to Company Registry, and provide registered office address and correspondence address

Incorporation – Overseas 

To incorporate Overseas (Offshore) Company, such as British Virgin Islands (BVI), Samoa, Cayman Islands, Seychelles etc.



To provide the best professional knowledge serving our clients the best


Good News to Overseas Investors

Hong Kong is an international financial center; many multi-national and overseas companies are carrying out business in Hong Kong.  A lot of investors incorporated Hong Kong companies and offshore companies such as BVI Companies in Hong Kong.  These companies are common tools of investment holding, investment, trust and tax planning for overseas investors.    Professional accountant (CPA) and consultant can assist your companies to comply with tax and companies laws of Hong Kong and overseas jurisdiction.   We suggest you to carry out due diligence to make investment decisions for merger and acquisition (M&A) transaction. 





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