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The statutory procedures for dissolving a limited liability company are complicated and difficult.  We are pleasure to provide professional services to help clients to solve the problems of this aspect.


In Hong Kong, a limited liability company may be liquidated under members’ voluntary winding-up, creditors’ voluntary winding-up and compulsory winding-up (winding-up by Court) depending upon own circumstance.  However, if a defunct private limited liability company has ceased to carry on business or operation more than 3 months and no outstanding liabilities and agreed by all shareholders, it can apply for deregistration from Companies Register.

Our Professional Services


- To help clients apply for deregister a defunct private limited company from Hong Kong Companies Register (must be no business or operation exceed 3 months, and no unsettled liability and agreed by all shareholders).  This method is lower cost and simpler than members’ voluntary winding up.

To help clients to wind-up limited liability company.

To help owner of sole proprietor and partner of partnership business to cancel the business registration.


Statutory requirements

Pursuant to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance, except in case of creditor’s voluntary winding-up or compulsory winding-up, a private limited company can apply for deregistration or select members’ voluntary winding up to dissolve the company if it is solvent.  However, an applicant of deregistration should be noted that it is an offence knowingly or recklessly to provide false or misleading information regarding the application will be subject to penalty and imprisonment.


Pursuant to Business Registration Ordinance, the owner of sole proprietor and partner of a partnership business have to notify the business registration office of Inland Revenue Department in writing to cancel the business registration within 1 month of the date of cessation.


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