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We have many years of tax experience to handle various tax matters.  We also assist clients to optimise their tax benefits with legal rights especially in case of under estimated assessment, enquiry letter, field audit and even investigation of Inland Revenue Department (IRD).  Besides, we advise tax planning for clients legally.


Our Professional Services

- Tax advisor.

Act as tax representative and consultant.

Prepare profits tax return and properties tax return for clients.

Assist sole proprietor, partnership and corporation to report profits tax.

Handle individual tax return and personal assessment.

Arrange and operate tax planning legally.

Handle employer’s return and staff salaries or wages.

Handle objection and appeal of tax.

Handle and represent clients on tax field audit and investigation.

Design overseas tax planning legally.

Tax system of Hong Kong is simple and the tax rate is low.  Hong Kong Government only levies 3 kinds of major tax namely: Profits tax, Property tax and Salaries tax at present.

Tax statutory requirements in Hong Kong

Profits tax is charged on the assessable profit of corporation, sole proprietor and partnership with tax rate of current year of assessment.  However, individual of sole proprietor and partnership can elect personal assessment to reduce own tax liabilities by deduction of personal allowance, other allowances and tax-deductible items.


Property tax is charged on the rental income after deduction of statutory deduction with tax rate of current year of assessment of landlord or property lessor.


Salaries tax is charged on total income from employment after deduction of personal allowance, other allowances and tax-deductible items.


There is no tax charged on dividend income, interest income and capital gains in capital assets in Hong Kong.



Public Forms of IRD


If you want to obtain a public form of IRD via fax, you may dial (852) 25986001 or click here to download the form you requested.

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