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We assist clients to incorporate Hong Kong limited liability company.  Clients may incorporate a HK company with own favourable name in English with Chinese or buy a ready-made company.


Advantages of incorporation of a Hong Kong company


- Low tax rate, simple tax system and less categories of tax in Hong Kong.

Free capital flow in or out and no restriction on foreign currencies remittance in or out Hong Kong.

Hong Kong is an international financial center, fund raising easily, therefore it attracts many China and overseas companies come to Hong Kong for listing and raising fund.

Easy to open various bank accounts such as savings, checking and bills account in different local and international banks.

- Foreign suppliers accept the reliable letter of credit issued by banks of Hong Kong.

- The Hong Kong legal system is sound; the laws protect the tangible and intangible assets of nature person and corporation.

Investors can determine the authorized capital without any special requirement.  Investors need not to pay up the authorized capital; there is no capital verification procedure in HK.

- Investors can use Hong Kong as a springboard to jump into international market to globalise their brand.

There are many large and small international or local exhibitions and fairs presented in Hong Kong.  They attract huge amount of buyers and merchandisers for procurement in Hong Kong.

The investors and their children can obtain overseas visa easily if they can prove themselves own investment or business in Hong Kong.


Basic requirements of incorporating a limited company in Hong Kong


- Founder can incorporate a tailor-made limited company with his favourable name in English with Chinese (Not applicable if identical name is existed already and subject to Companies Registry’s approval) or buy a ready-made company.

At least 1 shareholder (Not exceed 50).

At least 1 director (More than 1 is allowed).

One company secretary (Must be a resident or corporation in HK).  Please click here for details of our services.

- Issued share capital (Standard: HK$10,000 divided in 10,000 shares of HK$1 each).  Clients can determine issued share capital themselves.

A registered office situated in Hong Kong.

It takes about 3 working days for processing a ready-made company and 10 working days for processing a tailor-made company completely.



Ready-made company list

Application Form (Word)

Application Form (PDF)




Please complete the form and return by:


Fax:         (852) 2396 2243  or


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