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incorporation - Overseas

We assist clients to incorporate overseas limited liability company.  Clients can incorporate a tailor-made company in British Virgin Islands (BVI), Samoa, Cayman Islands and Seychelles etc with own name in English with Chinese (Chinese name is available in some jurisdictions only) or buy a ready-made company.


Advantages of incorporation of an overseas company :


- Simple procedure, low cost.

To protect the tangible and intangible assets of the investors.

Good vehicle for investment holding, investment, trust and tax planning.

Certain jurisdictions allow Chinese name.

No audited accounts and annual return filing requirements in certain jurisdictions.

Easier to add or change shareholders and directors, no special restrictions.

No tax charged on offshore profits and stamp duties on shares transfer.

Normal basis requirements to incorporate an overseas limited company :

- Founder can incorporate a tailor-made limited company with his favourable name in English with Chinese or buy a ready-made company.

At least 1 shareholder.

As least 1 director.

It takes about 3 working days for processing a ready-made company and 10 working days for processing a tailor-made company completely.



Different jurisdiction has different laws and regulations, if you want to know more about in details of different jurisdictions, please click here or contact us at (852) 2391 5564.

Ready-made company list

Application Form (Word)

Application Form (PDF)


Please complete the form and return by:


Fax:         (852) 2396 2243 or


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